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PROFI Poradenství & Finance article concerning IPC

The Board of Directors of APRSF has noticed the recent article of PROFI Poradenství & Finance concerning IPC, an APRSF member.  We take the information presented in the article very seriously.

The focus of APRSF is on the development of the trust market in the Czech Republic and on professional and consumer education and awareness in this area. However, as an organization, we are not in a position to comment on financial advisory or investment strategies. Trust structures as a tool may be used for various purposes dependent on individual wishes and actual setup in each individual case. Accordingly, responsibility rests in each case with the individual advisor and/or trustee as the case may be.

When any prospective member joins our association we require information from them regarding their skills, knowledge and professional experience, as well as their current use of trusts.  This applied also to IPC’s membership application, which was approved based on information provided by them at that time. However, some parts of the article, if correct, indicates that the full picture might be different from what we were presented in this case.

We have requested IPC as our member to respond to the article, provide necessary clarification and information on the investigation of competent bodies. Any outcomes from these investigations as well as our own discussions with IPC will determine the next steps from our side. Should any act of any private entity within the scope of APRSF’s activities and interest be found in breach of law or proves to be contrary to the principles and goals of APRSF, we will definitely take respective measures.