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Business Trusts in the Czech Republic – 30 November

APRSF and its member PTT CZ invite you to a webinar on Business Trusts in the Czech Republic.

Until now, trusts in the Czech Republic have been established mostly for family purposes or to hold shares in family businesses. This differs from other countries where trusts have a longer history and are used not only by families but also in a business environment.

In this webinar, we will first introduce the basics of trusts and then look at real examples of how trusts are used in a business context both internationally and in the Czech Republic. The Czech legal and tax environment is specific, so in some cases well-tested foreign solutions do not work. In other cases, however, they work much better than the “old ways”.

Date: 30 November 2023
Time: 10.00 – 10.45
Venue: Online (the link will be sent to registered participants)
Language: The webinar will be presented in English without translation


  • Introduction:  JUDr. Petr Jakubec – Chairman of the APRSF Executive Committee
  • International and Czech examples: James Turnbull LLB. TEP – Member of the  PTT CZ s.r.o. Advisory Board
  • Internatonal Case Study: Sudheer K Sharma, FCA – CEO of PT Trustees Limited, the largest provider of  ATOL Trusts in the UK.

Participation in the webinar is free for APRSF members and other interested parties upon prior registration at info@pttrustees.cz.