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Call for Expressions of Interest in Board Membership

06 May 2020

The General Meeting of our Association will be held in the near future. In view of the current situation, the meeting may be held using ‘per rollam’ based on newly adopted legislation.  Full details will follow soon in a separate communication. However, in the meantime we would like to highlight to you the opportunity for […]

APSRF and COVID-19. Postponment of Election / Interim Management

19 March 2020

Dear APRSF Members, I am sure that in the current serious situation, you are doing your utmost to lead your businesses, clients and business partners through this critical period with minimum harm, and aiming to resume your standard operations as soon as possible. The APRSF Board is also working to pass through this period successfully […]

Photos from APRSF Seminar, December 2019

02 January 2020

Photos from the last APRSF Seminar for Trustees and Trust Advisers are now available here. The seminar took place in December 2019 and we congratulate the 10 participants who graduated. The next course will take place from 10 – 11 March 2020.

IPC – PROFI Poradenství & Finance

26 November 2019

On the 27 of June, the Board of Directors advised of its concerns in relation to an article of PROFI Poradenství & Finance concerning IPC, an APRSF member. In that article a number of allegations were made against IPC. APRSF’s mission includes building positive awareness of svěřenské fondy and especially understanding of their positive uses […]

Reasons to Use an APRSF member when you set up your trust

16 September 2019

Trusts, which were introduced in 2014, are still a relatively new tool in the Czech Republic.

Since that time many professionals and other advisers have started to offer trusts as a tool to help clients achieve many goals. Unfortunately, not all of these advisers have the skills and knowledge to do this job properly.

PROFI Poradenství & Finance article concerning IPC

27 June 2019

The Board of Directors of APRSF has noticed the recent article of PROFI Poradenství & Finance concerning IPC, an APRSF member.  We take the information presented in the article very seriously.

Trust Boom

06 March 2019

Our Association and APRSF members are quoted in today’s E15 which is focused especially on the rapid growth in the number of trusts over the last six months

Public Awareness

15 February 2019

Given the dramatic growth in our sector, we are increasingly focusing on our role in raising public awareness of trusts and their benefits.

APRSF Trustee and Trust Adviser Course – Prague – 28 Feb – 1 March

15 February 2019

Just a reminder that there are still some places left on this comprehensive course, which results in an APRSF endorsed certificate of completion.  For more information on the course, please click here.