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Ministry of Justice – APRSF

This is just to bring you up to date on some of the work your association is currently doing on your behalf.  At the moment, the board is focusing on three areas:

  • The Evidence skutečných majitelů
  • Regulation of the trustee sector / Possible roles for company trustees
  • Blind Trusts

Recent discussions and meetings with the Ministry of Justice mean we can now provide you with the following key points of information:

APRSF Cooperation with the Ministry of Justice

APRSF continues to cooperate with the Ministry, which recognizes APRSF as a partner for further discussions and as an obligatory consultation body within the legislative procedure.

This is important positioning for our association and its members as the regulatory environment changes over the coming years.

Stability in the area of SF

The Ministry does not have any current plans to review or change any aspect of the current law in the area of SF.

This stability is positive for members.

However, the Ministry is also open to listening to and ongoing discussion with us in relation to the specific areas needing attention in the medium term, especially in relation to inheritance law and regulation of trustees and the trust sector.

Technical Improvements – Evidence svěřenských fondů

Technical and IT improvements are coming in this area to bring it more closely in-line with the current commercial registry system.

This is welcome news as the current system does not work well.

APRSF will continue to work hard on your behalf in its interactions with the ministry.