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About APRSF Membership

APRSF Membership is open to any individual or company who works professionally in the area of trusts, whether as a lawyer, tax adviser, professional trustee, trust specialist or otherwise and/or is interested in the development of trusts in the Czech Republic, and is of good moral and professional standing


APRSF Membership Benefits

Direct Benefits

  • Access to APRSF Newsletter. This includes comprehensive updates of recent media coverage of Trusts.
  • Access to regular APRSF Educational and networking events.
  • Access to APRSF Trust Adviser Accreditation.
  • The ability to enhance your professional standing by participating in the above as a presenter / panellist.
  • The ability to add team members to the APRSF list of recognised trustees
  • Recognition of your membership on the APRSF website. Reputational benefits as well as traffic to your own website. (Many visits to the APRSF site culminate in a ‘click through’ to a member website).
  • The ability to leverage off APRSF active social media (Facebook and Twitter) platforms
  • Your APRSF membership positions you as a credible and professional provider of trusts.
  • The ability to use the APRSF logo on your website and other promotional materials
  • Access, via networking, to other APRSF members and their knowledge and skills
  • Business relationships/referrals with other APRSF Members (e.g. Lawyer – Tax Adviser – Notary)
  • The opportunity to raise your media profile by participating on interviews with journalists etc as part of APRSF’s PR efforts
  • Access to relationships with ‘trust friendly’ bankers
  • Access to APRSF ‘public educational’ brochures and workshops
  • ‘Ground floor’ access as our Association evolves – potentially into a professional chamber.

Indirect Benefits

  • Benefit from APRSF’s very considerable public relations spend
  • Contribute to APRSF’s active involvement in the sector as an obligatory consultation body within the legislative procedure of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance.
  • Benefit from APRSF’s active role in shaping the sector and new legislative and other changes


Applying for APRSF Membership

APRSF Membership is subject to approval by the APRSF Board and payment of the annual membership fees which are currently:

  • 5,000 CZK – private/individual membership
  • 10,000 CZK –  corporate membership (turnover up to 50M CZK/y.) with up to 2 representatives/contact persons
  • 20.000 CZK – corporate membership (turnover over 50M CZK/y.) with up to 4 representatives/contact persons
  • 500 CZK  – fixed fee for each person listed as an accredited trustee

To initiate a discussion about membership, please email us.