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Call for Expressions of Interest in Board Membership

The General Meeting of our Association will be held in the near future.

In view of the current situation, the meeting may be held using ‘per rollam’ based on newly adopted legislation.  Full details will follow soon in a separate communication.

However, in the meantime we would like to highlight to you the opportunity for you to take on a more active role in the leadership of our association.  We currently have four candidates standing for five positions on the APRSF Board of Directors (Petr Jakubec, James Turnbull, Helena Svárovská, and Marek Nechvátal). We would therefore welcome at least one more member as a candidate. However, additional candidates can be accommodated.

Our board meets typically once per quarter but communicates more frequently by email.  If you would like to put your name forward as a nominee for this position, please contact us confidentially for more information.