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APSRF and COVID-19. Postponment of Election / Interim Management

Dear APRSF Members,

I am sure that in the current serious situation, you are doing your utmost to lead your businesses, clients and business partners through this critical period with minimum harm, and aiming to resume your standard operations as soon as possible. The APRSF Board is also working to pass through this period successfully and to offer you maximum possible support and help in the areas our association is dedicated to. Even though there may be a slow-down in the field of trusts, the APRSF will continue with its activities. The current contacts to APRSF and its Chairman/Board remain unchanged.

However, the limitations and restrictions arising from measures imposed by the Czech Government mean that we are now unable to summon and hold the general meeting needed for the election of the APRSF Board for the next period. Until this is once again possible, the APRSF Chairman remains in position in order to ensure the management and representation of the APRSF is not endangered during the interim period. The current Board Members have agreed to provide me with their further support and cooperation in this regard.

As soon as the current emergency situation is over, we will call an election general meeting as quickly as possible and you will be given the opportunity to vote. From the information I have before me, I believe that the majority of the current Board Members (including myself) are ready to stand for re-election. However, it is also up to you to consider the possibility of your involvement and to put yourself forward as a candidate should you wish to do so.

We look forward to your proposals, suggestions, and support in these uneasy times and hope that the situation improves soon.

Take care of your closest and your profession as much as circumstances will allow. We in the Board will take care of the APRSF in the meantime.


Best regards and all the best wishes


Petr Jakubec

APRSF Chairman